On my last trip i tried something I tried before but this time I didn’t fail. Because of my awesome new camera! I took pictures of stars without having the big noise disturbance which I had before.

The first picture is taken during the rising of the moon. You can see some stars through the clouds. The second picture is taken with a ten minute exposure. Because of the rotation of the earth the stars move on the sky. This is why you see the stars as lines. The last picture is taken with a shorter exposure. You can see ‘Ursa major’ (karlsvogn/steelpannetje) in the right corner of the picture.

On this trip there was another special phenomenon which you can see on the pictures. Clouds were hanging very low in the fjords. Our camp was above these clouds so we had beautiful weather. Those clouds looked so soft you just wanted to jump on them.


~ by jonathanfilius on November 19, 2011.

One Response to “Stjernebilder”

  1. nice jonathan. du lede stort. ! e ha ikkje haft tid te å ta sleke awesome bilder som de e. søren ! e trur du vinn !!! 😦 ehhe
    men kjempe fine bilder ! =)

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